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Fog on the Westfield River - Photo by Dan Minicucci

Maps, Publications & Resources



More digital maps are coming to this spot.
In the meantime, please refer to our digital Interactive Map and WRWS Brochure and Map (1.77mb) in print.

Minutes of Past Meetings

Please check back for archival meeting minutes.

Annual Reports, Strategic Plans, Action Plans

Landowner Resources

Landowners help protect water quality, enhance fish and wildlife habitat and reduce flood and erosion damage on your property. We are lucky to have so many river stewards who live along the Westfield River.  Here are a few financial, technical, and educational resources available to landowners:

Research Reports

Visitor Brochures

Local River Protection Bylaws

The communities of Chester, Chesterfield, Cummington, Huntington, Middlefield, and Worthington all passed River Protection Bylaws prior to receiving the Wild & Scenic Designation. The bylaws established buffers, septic setbacks, and special permits procedures for construction within the River Protection and Floodplain Overlay Districts. These zoning bylaws were passed before the Rivers Protection Act of 1997. Currently, the Westfield River Wild & Scenic Advisory Committee is drafting a Model River Protection Bylaw to update the existing bylaws to make them more consistent with existing regulations, as well as, provide a model for the communities who do not have a local bylaw in place at this time.

Communities in the Westfield River watershed with local river protection bylaws currently in place:


Partner Organizations:

Land Trusts

Forest Management

State Regulations:

Federal Regulations:

State Agencies:

Federal Agencies: