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Deep-woods cascade along the Westfield River - Photo by Dan Minicucci

Visit the Watershed

Places to Visit:

Windsor Jambs:

Website: http://www.mass.gov/eea/agencies/dcr/massparks/region-west/windsor-state-forest-generic.html

Address: 1838 River Rd., Windsor, MA [gps: 42.522 N 72.992 W]

Features: Windsor Jambs Brook plunges through a 25-foot-wide gorge, with 80-foot-high granite walls rising on either side. Surround by a grove of eastern hemlock and red spruce, the shady, humid and cool microclimate supports a rich diversity of 64 lichen species.

William Cullen Bryant Homestead:

Address: 207 Bryant Road, Cummington, MA [gps: 42.470 N 72.934 W]

Features: Follow the steps of the renowned author William Cullen Bryant to the Rivulet, a tributary stream of the Westfield River that inspired Bryant's most famous poem. Along the way you will pass through lush woods and massive old-growth trees.

Chesterfield Gorge & East Branch Trail:

Chesterfield Gorge

Website: http://www.thetrustees.org/places-to-visit/pioneer-valley/chesterfield-gorge.html

Address: River Road, Chesterfield, MA [gps: 42.393 N, 72.880 W ]

Features: The Westfield River's constant flow carves a chasm with walls reaching seventy feet high. The Gorge is the beginning of the eight-mile East Branch Trail offering easy access to the East Branch for visitors on foot, bike, horseback, skis or sled.

Knightville Dam Recreation Area:

Website: http://www.nae.usace.army.mil/Missions/Recreation/KnightvilleDam.aspx

Address: Knightville Dam Road, Huntington, MA [gps: 42.290 N 72.861 W]

Features: A recreational haven in all seasons, this forested area offers several miles of multi-use trails and a canoe/kayak access, along with picnic and comfort facilities.

Route 112 Scenic Byway:

Website: http://www.bywayswestmass.com/byways/route-112/

Address: Route 112, Huntington, Worthington, Cummington

Feature: The East Branch of the Wild and Scenic Westfield River parallels Route 112 through much of its southern half in Hampshire County. The best and most challenging paddling happens in March and April during the annual Wildwater Races and after heavy rainfalls.

Glendale Falls:

Glendale Falls

Website: http://www.thetrustees.org/places-to-visit/pioneer-valley/glendale-falls.html

Address: Clark Wright Road, Middlefield, MA [gps: 42.350 N 72.966 W ]

Features: Glendale Brook puts on a spectacular show as it cascades down 150 feet before joining with the Westfield River. Enjoy the rustic, stone staircase to the bottom of the falls.

Littleville Lake Recreation Area:

Websites: http://www.nae.usace.army.mil/Missions/Recreation/LittlevilleLake.aspx AND http://www.bywayswestmass.com/map-markers/littleville-lake/

Address: Goss Hill Road, Huntington, MA [gps: 42.267, N 72.875 W ]

Features: The outstanding resource waters of the Middle Branch flow into Littleville Lake. The tranquil waters serve as a public drinking water supply and provide opportunities for canoeing and fishing framed by scenic vistas and rolling hills.

Keystone Arch Bridges:

Keystone arch bridge - photo by Dan Minicucci

Website: http://keystonearches.com/

Address: Middlefield Street & Hebert Cross Road, Chester, MA [gps: 42.311 N, 72.992 W ]

Features: The first keystone arch railroad bridges built in America sit along the West Branch. These wholly dry laid bridges range in height to 70 feet and made possible the longest and highest railroad in the world, the Western Railroad, in 1840. The largest roadless area in western Massachusetts is accessible via a 2.5 mile trail for hiking, hunting, mountain biking, fishing and kayaking.

Chester Blandford State Forest:

Websites: http://www.mass.gov/eea/agencies/dcr/massparks/region-west/chester-blandford-state-forest.html AND http://www.bywayswestmass.com/map-markers/chester-blandford-state-forest/

Address: Rte. 20, Chester

Features: Sanderson Brook Falls drops more than two hundred feet to a deep pool – one of many coldwater tributaries flowing into the West Branch. The H. Newman Marsh Trail provides spectacular views across the river valley.

Jacob's Ladder Scenic Byway:

Websites: http://www.bywayswestmass.com/byways/jacobs-ladder-trail/ AND http://www.jacobsladderscenicbyway.org/

Address: Route 20, Huntington, Chester and Becket

Features: Take a drive across "the first of the great mountain crossovers" and feel transported back to a slower, simpler era. The Jacob's Ladder Trail Scenic Byway traverses unspoiled and historic rural landscapes, anchored by the Westfield River along much of its course.