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Red Fox near the Westfield River - Photo by Dan Minicucci

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A Stream Team volunteer

Stream Teams

Lend your eyes, ears, hands – and yes, even sometimes your nose—for the Westfield River.  Join over 75 active Stream Team volunteers in Walkin’ the Watershed to help steward and survey a section of the river each year. 

Using protocols developed by the Commonwealth’s Riverways Program, trained Stream Team volunteers use their observational skills to document scenic, historical, geological, recreational and ecological features along the river.  Volunteers adopt a section of the river to monitor on an ongoing basis.

Findings are compiled into Shoreline Survey Reports which highlight problems, assets and priorities for action identified by the volunteers.  Volunteers then help implement those recommendations.

If you would like to adopt a river segment to survey each year, please email us at volunteer@westfieldriverwildscenic.org.

Use the following links to download PDF versions of the previous Walkin’ the Watershed Shoreline Survey Reports for the three branches of the Westfield River (Acrobat Reader™ required):

Online Dataform

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