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Red Fox near the Westfield River - Photo by Dan Minicucci

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Volunteer Opportunities

A volunteer involved in a recent project at Chesterfield Gorge

East Branch Trail sign made by Eagle Scouts

Volunteers are critical to the success of the Wild & Scenic program on the Westfield River. There are many ways to get involved with varying degrees of commitment. For information on becoming a Stream Team volunteer, click here.

The following list is a sampling of some of the other areas we're currently looking for help in. If any of these jobs appeals to you, if you'd like more information, or if you just love the river and good fellowship, and you have some time you'd be willing to give, please email us at


Wild & Scenic Weekends postcard


Join us for our Wild & Scenic Weekends, April-September 2016

Learn new conservation skills at our free trainings, and put your passion into practice at our river and trail workdays. Events sponsored along the upper West Branch of the Westfield River in Becket and Washington. For more details, download the postcard.

Water Quality Monitor:

Collect water quality samples from April through October at monitoring sites throughout the watershed. Data to be collected include general observations, air and water temperature, pH, alkalinity, total suspended solids and bacterial counts (e.g., E. coli and Enterococcus).

Abilities or skills required: Training provided, willingness to get wet
Special equipment needed: Reliable transportation
Approx. hours of service: 4-hour training session, 2 hours per monthly sample collection
Approx. time of year: April-October

Trail Steward:

Organize a trail crew in your neighborhood or join a trail crew on the East Branch Trail or Keystone Arch Trail. Trail work days get scheduled a couple of times of years. Crews conduct brush cutting, trail marking and occasionally tackle drainage and other trail-maintenance activities. Trail Stewards also help monitor trails, especially for areas of erosion, trash and blowdowns.

Abilities or skills required: Physically able to hike, lift, carry and conduct other trail maintenance activities. Experience using chainsaws and other equipment.
Special equipment needed: Shovels, picks, crowbars, tree pruners, hard hat, gloves, etc.
Approx. hours of service: 4 hours per trail work day. 1-2 trailworkdays scheduled by Committee for East Branch Trail and Keystone Arch Bridge Trail each year.
Approx. time of year: Year-round (typically Spring-Fall)

Information Kiosk Carpenter:

Repair and construct information kiosks around the watershed. Work includes roof repairs, painting, installation of information boards, construction of new kiosks and map boxes.

Abilities or skills required: Carpentry
Special equipment needed: Hammers, saw, paint brushes, etc. (some materials provided)
Approx. hours of service: 4-6 hours per kiosk
Approx. time of year: Spring-Fall

Plant Surveyor:

Conduct native species inventories at several project locations along the Westfield River to generate planting lists for on-going projects. These lists will be used to insure plantings will replicate and enhance native habitat along the river corridor. Volunteer(s) would visit 1-2 site locations and generate a list of native species found at each location.

Abilities or skills required: Native plant identification
Special equipment needed: Plant field ID books
Approx. hours of service: 2-3 hours per site, 1-2 hours to submit data
Approx. time of year: Spring-Fall

Riverbank Planter:

Help plant and restore riverbanks in conjunction with on-going projects. Volunteers may assist in setting up erosion control, seeding and planting native shrubs and trees. Following plantings, we often need a local volunteer willing to water and nurture the plants for a period of time until they become established.

Abilities or skills required: Physically able to lift and dig; willingness to get dirty
Special equipment needed: Shovels, buckets, sledge hammer, other gardening tools
Approx. hours of service: 2-4 hours per planting event; 1 hour per week for plant watering (typically over a span of 6-8 weeks)
Approx. time of year: Spring-Fall


Collect images and photographs of key historical, recreational, ecological, geological and scenic resources along the river corridor. Images will be cataloged and used in outreach and educational materials.

Abilities or skills required: Photography, either professionally or as a hobby
Special equipment needed: Camera
Approx. hours of service: 2-4 hours per outing, number of outings dependent upon volunteer availability and interest
Approx. time of year: Year-round

River Clean-up Volunteer:

Don a pair of gloves and grab a trash bag to collect trash along the river. Join the Annual Source-to-Sea Cleanup in the Fall or adopt a section to keep clean year-round.

Abilities or skills required: Willingness to get dirty
Special equipment needed: Gloves, trash bags, rakes, etc.
Approx. hours of service: 2-4 hours
Approx. time of year: Spring-Fall

If you're willing to help with any of these jobs, please email us at Thank you!