Travel the Watershed

Travel the Watershed Informational Displays

Given the importance of the arts and artisan communities scattered through the Hilltowns, the Wild & Scenic Westfield River Committee tapped this talent to create beautiful receptacles for outreach materials such as a large map of the watershed and information about all range of river related topics. Dubbed “Travel the Watershed” these one of a kind wooden display cases are available to libraries, town halls, community centers and events in the Wild & Scenic towns for one to three months. Each of the seven unique suitcases comes packed with informational materials, many available for the taking.

Let us know if you would like to host one by emailing

Artists selected to decorate suitcases were:

Steve Hamlin, Huntington; Katrina Majkut, Brookline; Annette Rubino, Cummington; Nelena Soro, Becket; Anthony Verano, Becket; Rosemary Wessel, Cummington.