River Stewardship

River Health

Rivers are fascinating – and complex – systems. Scientists are still trying to understand all the interactions and influences shaping the health and function of a river. Because river health and function is influenced by a staggering number of variables, efforts to protect and enhance river health require a multi-pronged approach. One of the most important tools is working to prevent degradation. Prevention is far more efficient than working to fix a problem. When there is a problem, identifying the root cause and not just the symptom provides the best route to a long term solution.

The Wild & Scenic Westfield River Committee recognizes the importance of protecting, restoring and addressing impacts to water quality, water quantity and habitat. We strive to be the voice of the river and help towns, landowners, and river stewards with projects, policies and practices focused on positive outcomes for river health.

Fortunately research and real-world experiments are expanding the available tools to help protect and enhance rivers. Approaches include using green infrastructure to harness the insights gained by studying how natural processes work. Making small but meaningful changes may offer outsized rewards for a stream. The Wild & Scenic Westfield River Committee offers technical assistance to towns and residents wishing to adopt more river-friendly practices. Please contact us for more information.