Hunting, Fishing, & Vehicles

Help protect the Westfield River and ensure anglers and other river-users can enjoy the river today and far into the future.

  • Leave No Trace
    Ensure that whatever you bring to the river goes home with you, including any trash

    As we say, “Pack it in? Pack it out!”

  • Collect and properly dispose of monofilament line

There are abundant opportunities for fishing and hunting in the Westfield River watershed. To learn more about fishing and hunting seasons, regulations, permits and licenses visit:

Massachusetts hunting & fishing regulations
Off Road Vehicles

Help protect the Westfield River’s natural resources by keeping the following in mind when operating your ORVs (Off Road Vehicles) and check for site-specific rules and restrictions before operating an ORV on public or private lands:

  • Operate on trails or in state forests / parks designated for ORV use (Please Note: October State Forest is the only state forest which allows ATV and Off Highway Motorcycles (OHM) in the Westfield River watershed - PERMIT REQUIRED.)
  • Do not operate in a manner so as to harass or chase wildlife or domestic animals.
  • Do not operate on a wetland such as a bog, marsh, or swamp so as to destroy or damage the wetland.
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  • Do not operate a snow or recreation vehicle in a manner that causes damage to public or private property, including lands owned or managed by the MA Department of Conservation and Recreation, MA Division of Fisheries and Wildlife and the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, wetlands or other waters of the Commonwealth including lands used for public water supply purposes or historic or archaeological sites.
  • Avoid emitting noxious fumes and excessive noise.
  • Do not operate on public ways or upon the right-of-way limits of a controlled access highway - this includes all roads (dirt or paved) within state forests.
  • Do not operate so as to endanger any person or property.
  • Do not operate at an unreasonable, improper, or unsafe speed for existing conditions.
  • Only operate after sunrise or before sunset within state forest lands.
  • Never operate under the influence of drugs and alcohol.
  • Only operate on land of another with written permission of the owner or lessee.
    ORV must be properly licensed and insured to operate on public lands.

Off-road vehicles must be properly licensed and insured to operate on public lands.
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For more information about the OHV Program, permits and regulations,
visit the link below: