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The Wild & Scenic Westfield River Committee’s mission is...

”to preserve, protect and enhance the special qualities and outstanding resources of the Westfield River Watershed in concert with local communities."

The Westfield River was first designated a National Wild and Scenic River in 1993.   Over seventy-eight miles of the Westfield River are now officially considered Wild and Scenic.  As local community members and river stewards, we work to keep the river clean and sparkling.  We promote respectful enjoyment of the watershed while protecting the river and keeping the ecosystem healthy. We consider ourselves a voice for the river.

Local residents and communities are very important to this role. We work with community members, municipal officials, conservation organizations, federal and state agencies to:


  • Maintain clean water and a healthy river corridor
  • Protect native species and improve passage for fish and wildlife
  • Protect and restore historic sites and natural habitats along the river
  • Develop scientific data about stream and wildlife health
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  • Undertake thoughtful and informed decision making through the use of the latest scientific findings and data to ensure our actions will result in the best outcome for the river and its watershed
  • Promote local involvement and understanding through educational programs about the watershed
  • Bring people together for sound and informed decision making
  • Support watershed communities by providing grants and technical assistance for river protection and restoration
  • Build better relationships with Indigenous communities in our region in order to learn from them and support their continued connection to the river
  • Bring together appointed representatives of the ten Wild & Scenic towns, partner conservation organizations,  state and federal agencies to work cooperatively on stewarding the river
  • Offer a forum for watershed residents and visitors. Our meetings are open. The general public is invited and welcome to attend and participate in our many programs and activities.

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